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Ziele erreichen durch Sprache

Language is essential to reach your goals

Especially on a professional level, communication, almost exclusively, happens through the use of language. This is where we come in. We will approach you with the goal of turning you into a “fit” person in your field of specialization and for your tasks.

Thanks to the individual approach and the training method which is cut out for every participant, we can present a solution for every personality and for each level.

It is the combination of individual and group lessons, distance and face-to-face training, e-learning or mobile learning that makes the learning progress you achieved with us so unique and effective.

What sets us apart

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article header sector specificationSpecial training contents from your sector make it easy for you to combine the learned vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and general language elements with specific technical jargon.

On the other hand, you get a profound knowledge that often follows different rules of communication in different languages.

The content of the training will be adapted to you and your company, and stands out thanks to immediate applicability when put into practice.
article header workshops Workshops are used for working on documents such as presentations or emails, or for preparing for upcoming events such as meetings, presentations or interviews. The content of these lessons are related to your respective position, and in doing so, your business will be the center of attention.

Depending on the department, position and goal of the respective situation, this part of the training focuses on individual everyday work routine of the learner. It therefore directly supports the handling of upcoming tasks.
article header business englishThe professional environment entails its very own challenges regarding linguistic knowledge.

It is important to be able to cover a broad range of topics, but also go into detail, while observing certain formal standards.

An optimal preparation of such situations strengthens the competence and confidence to also face unprepared conversations.
article header basic englishThe foundation of using any foreign language is always general language skills. This includes grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, etc.

Independent of the language per se, these are the essential parts that allow you to get a deeper knowledge in the first place.

A varied methodology guarantees a consistent motivation at a high level and therefore encourages the improvement in every discipline of learning a foreign language.
article header interest and news Despite the variety of methods and content it is also important to introduce fun lessons to the program.

For this reason, we add units to the program every now and then that focus exclusively on topics interesting to the participants.

Be it sports, music, culture or other topics, - with the help of short articles, clips or other sources, it is always possible to work in an individual and therefore interesting way, maintaining the joy of learning a language.
article header certificationThe focus of the training can certainly be the preparation for standardized tests as well.

CEFR, BULATS, TOEIC, TOEFL, GMAT and IELTS are only a few of the most common standards to determine language proficiency levels.

Independent of the test itself, a sound preparation is an important corner stone for a successful completion of the test.
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