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We are convinced that every participant has a unique learning style, firmly shaped by professional challenges, everyday environment and personal interests.

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individual learning style

The individual learning style

Whether a person perceives auditory, visually or kinesthetically is essential for the creation of an effective and purposeful training. Differentiating the capacity of absorption between individual and group lessons plays a critical role in the success of the training, as does having fun with your training and being able to see your successful learning curve.

Only when all these aspects are considered can we create a curriculum that is perfect for every single participant, and that will entail maximum success.
For that reason we have developed a process to define precisely the individual learning style for each participant.

Trainer and trainee

Trainer and trainee

We understand language training as an intercultural and interactive concept that we impart altogether in an active exchange.

This is why we attach great value to coordination and cooperation, the perfect FIT or match between trainer and trainee.

Every training program begins with YOU. We find out your very own learning style and we assign you to the matching trainer. Reserved, dynamic or extroverted; every client finds their perfect trainer. Of course, we take your linguistic, professional and private environment into consideration. Only by doing this can we create the conditions for successful and integrative learning!

Flexible in time and place

Flexible in time and place

You decide how much and how long you will train. Our lessons are completely flexible, depending on your learning style. This way you decide the duration of each training (30, 45 or 60 minutes) as well as the time and place. If something comes up unexpectedly, you can postpone your appointment up until 15 minutes before the training is scheduled to start.

We always integrate the latest communication-technology in all our Mentory Training-Concepts. So you can use them anytime and on from any location.

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