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Breaking through barriers means thinking globally

To operate successfully on an international scale you have to be prepared for all kinds of challenges. Wherever you face foreign cultures, different languages are spoken, other rules of conduct and other moral concepts apply.

In our international training programs we support your enterprise in breaking through socio-cultural and language barriers. We help you to appropriately and sensitively handle the characteristics and peculiarities of your target market. That is why we prepare your colleagues in the best way possible for their employment abroad.

We are convinced that business relations across the border are based on the knowledge of intercultural behavioral and communication standards.
If you want to remain successful in international environment, you have to understand other cultures and be open-minded.

Training programs

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Intercultural communicationSuccessful communication is more than being able to express oneself verbally and in written form in the respective language.

An important aspect of collaboration is also building up trust. Specific to this are the questions that cultural differences often raise.

Conversational behavior, “dos and don´ts”, and differences in gesture and facial expressions mark their appearance equally in small talk and in important negotiations.

An optimal course of conversation should not be left to chance, but should be specifically prepared so that desired goals will be reached in the end!
Diversity managementWorking in a multicultural environment implicates challenges that need to be met.

After all, different cultural backgrounds not only have their right to exist, but also bring diversity to the table.

A well-thought-out conflict management process can set real standards. We help to not only understand the different cultures, but also to combine them in a reasonable way.
International partnersIn an environment that relies more and more on employees with an international background, it is increasingly important to specifically prepare the collaboration with internationally based colleagues, customers and business partners.

Teaching important cultural values and behavioral patterns helps to understand the most important ground rules of communication.

Giving feedback and constructive criticisms are very sensitive topics that have to be prepared individually in order to prevent conflicts. We prepare every participant for these difficult situations.
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