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Assessment und Analysen

The first step is always the analysis

We offer different possibilities to take a closer look and evaluate situations, needs, and learning styles. The results can be integrated into the personnel development and that of the enterprise in more than just one way. They can also be the foundation for further personnel development measures.

Using the results of the learning style test and the conclusions you draw from them to increase the quality of the work of your employees can be an innovative approach in that.

We analyze

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article header learning style testA test developed especially for us helps to define the learning style of each participant.

This result has a considerable influence on the method of teaching and creation of individual programs.

Which side of the brain do the learners use in a more predominant way? Are they rather extroverted or introverted? Do they best gather information in an auditive, visual or kinesthetic way? These are the questions to be answered.
artikel header level analysisBeside the learning style test, the assessment of the current level is also of essential significance; after all it determines further procedure.

In doing so, we differentiate between linguistic comprehension, language use and oral expression. We therefore don´t evaluate just according to the book.

In a personal conversation with the trainer, the verbal language use will be tested and will be included in the analysis results.
artikel header variance analysisIn a personal conversation, we use the possibility to analyze the individual preferences of the participants in order to discuss the practical organization of the training.

After all, not only the mere technical assessment of the participant’s abilities, but also the personal preferences of the methods are decisive factors.

A combination of all the information gained provides the basis for a practical elaboration of an effective and efficient training program.
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