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Our technology

We rely on highly modern and innovative technology so we can apply knowledge and methods in an effective and profitable way.

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The virtual classroom

The virtual classroom

No matter where the participants are, all they need is a telephone or access to the internet. We provide everything else.

Offering diverse interactive features is as important as ensuring the best broadcast quality. It is for that reason that we use the Adobe® Connect™ platform, in order to ensure the best possible virtual classroom environment.

Not only is it possible for the participants to see their trainer, but they can also connect themselves to the platform by webcam.

Adobe® Connect™ enables participants and trainers to work on documents provided by the learner, and lesson material provided by Mentory. This includes, but is not restricted to gap-fill exercises, highlighting text paragraphs and live corrections. And all of this is possible without installing any annoying software or other external programs.

Your internal IT infrastructure will not be affected at any time.
The learning platform

The learning platform

The internal learning platform meets highest technology standards. The platform is designed to work on tests, book and cancel training units and to see and download the lesson materials as well as to evaluate the training progress.

It is available around-the-clock, so that high flexibility is guaranteed when planning the next lesson.

After every training unit the trainer will upload lesson notes. Participants can refer to these to recap the content of each lesson. They are available any time they want, and participants can use it for independent study.
The materials

The materials

Not only are the platform and methods based on a multimedia concept, but also the lesson materials.

We integrate newspaper articles, specialist journals and other short texts as well as modern video clips, significant presentations and interactive exercises.

All this provides the possibility of live correction and alternating interaction. This enables us to communicate a realistic sense of learning while using predominantly digital media.

In addition, audio recordings are often an integral part of the lessons. Being able to listen to oneself, recognize mistakes and correct oneself gives the training an extra touch of individuality and increases its effectiveness.
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